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Brain Deneke was brutally murdered by a "jock" named Dustin... The story is that the "freaks"and "preps" were going to have a fight after school one day. But this is normal for Amarillo. One group would show up at the location and the other would fail to show, and it would be a gathering that friends could hang out and just have fun. Not this time, this time it was a full blown brawl. People with bats and chains beating people and cars...Needles to say this never should of happened, but it did... Fights like this break out at school all the time. Dustin was driving his cadillac around and started heading straight toward Brian. To Brian's knowledge, this wasn't even happening until he turned around to see the front of a cadillac heading straight towards him... he was directly hit straight on... and it killed him at the scene. Meanwhile, Dustin didn't even stop to see if he was ok. He went home. His parents did not call the cops when they found out what happened either. They waited until the cops came and got Dustin the next morning. In the end, Dustin got off with 10 years probation and a fine. He never even spent a day in jail. Something needs to be done here! And we are the people that are going to do it...

For the complete story go here, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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